Minutes of the Full Council Meeting held on 20 April 2021

at 7.30pm by ZOOM











Cllr P Barrett

Cllr T Olpin

Mrs V Hicks


Cllr R Blake

Cllr J Parker

Mr S Skidmore


Cllr D Clevely

Cllr R Pope



Cllr A Evans

Cllr B Ryland



Cllr H Farmer

Cllr C Strange



Cllr M Farmer

Cllr B West



Cllr V McNab




Cllr Pope in the Chair




Received from Cllrs Curran and Stinchcombe MBE.



Declaration of Members Interests and Requests for Dispensations (reported by exception)


Cllr Barrett

LGCC, Clocktower Association

Cllr Blake

Allotment Tenant

Cllr H Farmer

CHH, Freres Almshouses, TPG, MOATivation

Cllr M Farmer

CHH, TPG, Whitfield Tabernacle

Cllr Parker


Cllr West






The Minutes of the Ordinary Council Meeting of 16 March 2021 were agreed and signed per pro the Chairman.



Chairman’s communications

The Chairman thanked Councillors for their continued work for the community.



Adjournment for Public Participation

There were no matters raised under this item of business.



Matters arising

a] Meetings Schedule: The Clerk presented an updated Coronavirus Protocol to reflect that the meeting schedule may need to be modified after the remote meetings provisions expire on 7 May 2021 without extension. It was resolved to adopt the updated Coronavirus Protocol pending further advice. A revised meeting schedule was outlined and further details will be issued in due course. It was noted that the Annual General Meeting of the Council will take place on 4 May 2021(by ZOOM) and not 18 May 2021 as previously advised.

b] Hinton Green BMX re-development project: The PDS advised that he had met with Architrail on site to agree a timescale for the project. It is hoped that the work will be completed by the end of May 2021. The Clerk advised that a bespoke safety sign is required on site along with a new bin. It was resolved that an additional £900 be allocated to cover these extra costs. Once the refurbishment is completed the PDS will promote the new pump track and a formal launch event will take place as covid restrictions are eased.

c] Walking & Cycling Plan Project: Cllr Parker reported that the Bristol Easter Fringe Cycling & Walking Group will become a community association at the next meeting on 24 May 2021. He updated on project developments including an active travel consultation on the Keynsham Road, signage on the Railway Path and a renewed focus on walking routes.



Correspondence for action

a] MHCLG – Call for Evidence: Local councils and other public bodies affected by the Coronavirus Regulations allowing remote meetings, have been invited to present evidence in support of the permanent use of remote meetings as an option. It was agreed to respond that Oldland Parish Council would see this as a good option for allowing a mix to suit the type of meeting. Remote meeting are seen as greener, more flexible and potentially more accessible. During the lockdown meeting attendance has been higher but some personal informal contact between councillors has been lost. However, there is also a strong feeling in favour of face to face meetings. The Clerk was asked to prepare a response based on comments made.

b] Warmley Golf Course – future development options: The Clerk reported that South Gloucs Council had listed Warmley Golf Course under the Local Plan Call for Sites as a potential development opportunity. It was agreed to refer this issue to the Local Plan Group.

c] Great British Spring Clean: It was agreed to promote this initiative but that the Parish Council will not be hosting an event.



Correspondence for information

a] Longwell Green Community Centre report: Noted.

b] Orienteering Event - 28 April 2021 consultation: Noted.

c] Matthew Tree Project: Noted.

d] Heritage Open Days 10 – 19 September 2021: Edible England: Noted.

e] Wessex Flood Warden Newsletter – Spring 2021: Noted.



Committee Reports

a] Planning, Highways & Environment Committee

The minutes of the meeting of 25 March 2021 were presented by Cllr Parker and were adopted by the Council.

The minutes of the meeting of 15 April 2021 were presented by Cllr Parker and were adopted by the Council. Cllr Parker advised that a review of the High Friction Surface on the ‘wonky roundabout’ has been agreed.

b] Climate Action Group

The minutes of the meeting of 31 March 2021 were presented by Cllr West and were noted by the Council. It was resolved to adopt the Climate Action Policy recommended by the Group. It was noted that due to the changed meeting schedule the usual policy approval route, through the Policies & Procedures Committee, could be bypassed.



Other Reports

a] Reports from South Gloucs Councillors: Cllr Evans reported that there had been a very serious ransomware attack on South Gloucs Council schools. She also reported that a Community Speed Watch is being set up in Kingswood.

b] Reports from Parish Councillors: No reports were presented.

c] Easter Newsletter: The Clerk advised that the winner of the newsletter competition will be awarded the £10 cash prize.




The following accounts were placed before Council including payments made since the last meeting including old year payments:




D&M Contractors (HGR gate/fence)



Rainbow Press (newsletter publication)



British Telecom (PDS phone/internet)



Cadbury Heath Hall (PDS rent)



Premieredge (IT support)



British Telecom (parish phone)



Information Commissioner (annual fee)






Mrs Hicks

Salary (April)




Tax/NI (April)



Avon Pension Fund

Contributions (April)



Mr Skidmore

Salary (April)




Tax/NI (April)



Avon Pension Fund

Contributions (April)



Mrs Hicks

Expenses (April)



Mr Skidmore

Expenses (April)




Payment of the above accounts was approved as per the Financial Regulations and paid electronically.