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Mrs V Hicks

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BS30 5BB


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07 January 2021



To: All Members of the Finance & Communities Committee


The next meeting of the Committee will take place at 7.30pm on Thursday 14 January 2021. A ZOOM meeting invitation will be sent out under separate cover.


Join Zoom Meeting



Meeting ID: 848 1472 8901

Passcode: 522674


Meeting Protocol


a] Meeting discipline to be managed by the Committee or Council Chairman as appropriate.

This will effectively replicate a live meeting.

b] Admission of public/press must be as under the usual arrangements. Any member of the public must be admitted but only parishioners, those with a particular interest or those present by invitation can ask questions of the Council.

c] However it was agreed to ask members of the public to IDENTIFY THEMSELVES at the start of the meeting and to SUBMIT WRITTEN QUESTIONS IN ADVANCE via the Clerk.

d] Everyone would be requested to be visible by VIDEO link and should be on MUTE until invited by the Chairman to speak.

e] Failure by members of the public to identify themselves will mean that any comments made cannot be recorded in the formal minutes of the meeting.




1.      Apologies for Absence


2.      Declaration of Members Interests (to be reported by exception)


3.      To confirm the Minutes of the last meeting of 10 December 2020 and matters arising


4.      Public Participation


5.      Matters for Discussion

a] Finance Report

b] Internal Audit Review

c] Risk Assessment

d] Localism 2021 – contract update


6.      Correspondence

a] Warmley Forest Skate Park incidents:

      1. PCC response to incident (5/6 December 2020)

      2. New Year’s Eve incident (and Team Meeting)

b] Local Referendum – Council Tax

c] Local Government Pay Freeze

d] The Week In Community Page

e] Easter 2021 newsletter


7.      Report of Parish Development Specialist

                  BY PRESENTATION