Minutes of the Full Council Meeting held on 21 July 2020

at 7.30pm by ZOOM











Cllr P Barrett

Cllr T Olpin

Mrs V Hicks


Cllr R Blake

Cllr J Parker

Mr S Skidmore


Cllr D Clevely

Cllr R Pope



Cllr J Curran

Cllr B Ryland



Cllr A Evans

Cllr E Stinchcombe MBE

Ms R Feather – The Week In


Cllr H Farmer

Cllr C Strange



Cllr M Farmer

Cllr B West



Cllr Pope in the Chair




Received from Cllr McNab.



Declaration of Members Interests and Requests for Dispensations (reported by exception).


Cllr Evans declared an interest as a member of South Gloucs Council.


Cllr Barrett

LGCC, Clocktower Association

Cllr Blake

Allotment Tenant

Cllr Curran

School Governor, TPG

Cllr H Farmer

CHH, Freres Almshouses, TPG, MOATivation

Cllr M Farmer

CHH, TPG, Whitfield Tabernacle

Cllr Parker


Cllr West






The Minutes of the Ordinary Council Meeting of 20 June 2020 were agreed and signed per pro the Chairman subject to an amendment to 19/20 where it was resolved that the minute should read: “They were advised that their next step would be to press for the application to be ‘called in’ by the local ward Councillors, Cllr Christine Price and Cllr Toby Savage”.



Chairman’s communications

The Chairman thanked councillors for their forbearance during the Covid crisis. He said that ZOOM meetings are not ideal but are the only way to keep the Council and its committees functioning until physical meetings can be reconvened.



Adjournment for Public Participation

Janice Suffolk of JUICE addressed the Council on the work of the project during the Covid crisis. Normal operations had ceased but the project is busier than ever providing emergency food parcels, meals, advice and support and most importantly, companionship for those in the community who are isolated. It is clear that demand for these services will continue indefinitely. The JUICE project was commended for its work.



Matters arising

a] Hinton Green BMX re-development project: The PDS advised that he is working with Creative Youth Network to undertake consultation and to develop a profile of what young people are looking for in the facility. He has also advised that he is liaising with Access Sport to ensure inclusivity. He plans to develop a steering group to take this project forward.

b] Cadbury Heath Hall development plan: The Clerk advised that Hall Committee is preparing detailed plans in order to secure costings for the work and to assist the PDS in securing external funding. The Hall Committee meets next on 4 August 2020 to explore options for re-opening as part of the easing of the lockdown.

c] Warmley Forest Skate Park - project completion report: The Clerk advised that the retention period had ended and following the project de-brief, the retention had been released. The project is generally regarded as a success.



Correspondence for action

a] Public Consultation on draft Council Plan: Noted.

b] Cadbury Heath Skate Park graffiti project: The Clerk advised that South Gloucs Council is exploring options for a graffiti project at the skate park.

c] PSP – Call for Sites: The Clerk advised that the 2020 ‘call for sites’ is now underway and it was resolved that this matter be deferred to the Planning, Highways & Environment Committee for action during the summer recess period. It was agreed that the Parish Council re-state sites previously cited and the Clerk was asked to circulate this list to members for reference and to encourage the addition of further sites as appropriate. This project will run until 20 October 2020.



Correspondence for information

There were no matters raised under this item of business.



Committee Reports

a] Planning, Highways & Environment Committee: The minutes of the meeting of 2 July 2020 were presented by Cllr Parker and were adopted by the Council. Cllr Parker advised that residents of Palmdale Close had lodged a complaint with South Gloucs Council regarding the handling of P20/07175/F. He also advised that the Committee will continue to press for enhancements to the smaller Wraxall Road roundabout as part of the WECA scheme. He updated on progress in re-establishing the Community Speed Watch scheme. The Clerk advised that the new fencing at Warmley Golf Course had been installed that day and sincere thanks were extended to Cllrs Elizabeth and Sam Bromiley for the MAF award of £500 each towards the cost.

b] Policies & Procedures Committee:

The minutes of the meeting of 16 July 2020 were presented by Cllr Barrett. It was resolved to adopt the latest Coronavirus Protocol which covers the governance of ZOOM meetings. It was also resolved to adopt an updated Complaints Policy covering Freedom of Information Requests.



Other Reports

a] Reports from South Gloucs Councillors: Cllr Evans advised on updated arrangements for speaking at Planning Committees and changes to the ‘calling in’ procedure. She advised on ‘school road schemes’ during the Covid crisis and how the Home Choice service is warning of an increase in homelessness.

b] Reports from Parish Councillors: There were no matters raised under this item of business.

c] OPEN: The PDS reported on a very useful and interesting meeting held by ZOOM on 8 July 2020. He had circulated a video on the work of Guys & Dolls and posted it on Parish Council’s facebook page.

d] Walking & Cycling Plan Project: Cllr Parker reported on the ZOOM meeting of 9 July 2020. Actions have been agreed to secure some ‘quick hits’ including cut back of vegetation and signage. Further work will also focus on a more comprehensive map review, engaging with the community and securing funding (possibly through WECA) for infrastructure improvements.

e] Flux Mentoring: The PDS reported that funding had been secured from Sport England for a transition project.




The following accounts were placed before Council including payments made since the last meeting:






Tom’s Skips (WGC clearance)



Cadbury Heath Hall (PDS rent)



Premieredge (IT support)



British Telecom (parish phone)



British Telecom (PDS phone/internet)



National Allotment Society (membership)



Maverick (WFSP retention release)






Mrs Hicks

Salary (July)




Tax/NI (July)



Avon Pension Fund

Contributions (July)



Mr Skidmore

Salary (July)




Tax/NI (July)



Avon Pension Fund

Contributions (July)



Mrs Hicks

Expenses (July)



Mr Skidmore

Expenses (July)




Payment of the above accounts was approved as per the Financial Regulations and paid electronically.