Minutes of the Full Council Meeting held on 18 February 2020

at Longwell Green Community Centre at 7.30pm











Cllr P Barrett

Cllr M Farmer

Mrs V Hicks


Cllr R Blake

Cllr T Olpin



Cllr D Clevely

Cllr J Parker



Cllr J Curran

Cllr R Pope

Cllr S Bromiley (South Gloucs Council)


Cllr A Evans

Cllr B Ryland

Ms K Spindler (South Gloucs Council)


Cllr H Farmer

Cllr B West



Cllr Pope in the Chair


The Chairman outlined the procedure in the event of an emergency




Received from Cllrs Downing CBE, Stinchcombe MBE and Strange and from Mr Skidmore.



Declaration of Members Interests and Requests for Dispensations (reported by exception).


Cllr Evans declared an interest as a member of South Gloucs Council.


Cllr Barrett


Cllr Blake

Allotment Tenant

Cllr Curran

School Governor, TPG

Cllr H Farmer

CHH, Freres Almshouses, TPG, MOATivation

Cllr M Farmer

CHH, TPG, Whitfield Tabernacle

Cllr Parker

CSW, Swan Group

Cllr West

CHH, Kingswood Group Library Committee, TPG





The Minutes of the Ordinary Council Meeting of 21 January 2020 were agreed and signed by the Chairman.



Chairman’s communications

Various letters of thanks had been received from groups awarded grants under the 2020 Grants to Voluntary Bodies scheme.



Adjournment for Public Participation

Kristy Spindler attended the meeting to represent the Streetcare service and answer questions from counicllors. Topics covered included the dog warden service and issues relating to dog fouling, Highways Maintenance Programme and work to fill potholes and the household recycling service. Ms Spindler was thanked for her attendance at the meeting.



Matters arising

a] No.19 Bus Service: Local pressure continues to review the service cuts.

b] Election recharge – May 2019 elections: It was resolved that the charge would be paid despite the Clerk’s efforts to seek a compelling reason for the significant increase since 2015 and the estimate. It was also resolved it be requested that on future occasions the estimate is based on a ‘not to exceed’ premise.

c] Climate Emergency Action Days: It was agreed the Cllr Blake, the Clerk and the PDS attend the event on 20 April 2020.



Correspondence for action

a] Adult Social care – fees & charges consultation: Noted.

b] Western Power Distribution - stakeholder workshop: Noted.

c] Tree Planting – Longbeach Road: The Clerk had been in touch with the Tree Officer at South Gloucs Council and been in communication with local residents. It had been agreed that the planting to date was commended but no further planting would take place unless directly undertaken by South Gloucs Council as landowner.

d] Fairtrade Status: Noted.

e] Transport Consultations: It was agreed to defer this item to the Planning, Highways & Environment Committee to prepare a suitable response.

f] CCG Consultation: Weekend & Evening GP Appointments: Noted.



Correspondence for information

a] CPRE AGM: Noted.

b] Heritage Partnership: Noted.

c] Protocol for Marking the Death of a Senior National Figure: Noted.

d] SGDAG newsletter: Noted.

e] VE Day Grants: Noted.



Committee Reports

a] Planning, Highways & Environment Committee

The minutes of the meeting of 6 February 2020 were presented by Cllr Parker and were adopted by the Council. Cllr Parker reported on efforts by the Community Speed Watch to recruit new members. He also advised of a forthcoming SUSTRANS consultation event that he, the Clerk and PDS will be attending.

b] Policies & Procedures Committee

The minutes of the meeting of 13 February 2020 were presented by Cllr Barrett and were adopted by the Council. It was resolved the following new and updated policies with immediate effect:

1. Casual Vacancy Policy

2. Internal Financial Control Policy

3. Investment Policy

4. Risk Management Policy and Register.

It was also resolved that in respect of the Cadbury Heath Hall development plan as landowner, the application be submitted in the name of Oldland Parish Council (thereby attracting the reduced fee) and that the Parish Council will fund the mining survey at a cost of £550 (plus VAT) as a gesture of commitment to the project.

It was further resolved that in order to comply with the forthcoming Website Accessibility Regulations, changes be made to the website at a cost of £600.



Other reports

a] Reports from South Gloucs Councillors: Cllr S Bromiley reported on development plans for the Grange School site, MAF, fireworks campaign, speeding issues (various sites) and Wraxall Road roundabout scheme. Cllr Evans updated in detail on the South Gloucs Council budget for 2020/21 and outlined its likely impact on key services.

b] Reports from Parish Councillors: Cllr M Farmer reported on the progress of the extension plans at Cadbury Heath Hall and thanked the Parish Council for its support.

c] T&PC Forum: The Clerk reported on the latest meeting held on 22 January 2020.




The following accounts were placed before Council including payments made since the last meeting:



Cadbury Heath Hall (PDS rent)



Premieredge (IT support)



British Telecom (parish phone)



Water2Business (WGC water rates)



South Gloucs Council (election charges)



South Gloucs Council (Streetcare contract)



South Gloucs Council (Hinton Green)



South Gloucs Council (Internal Audit fee)



Stapleton Services (shelter works)



CPRE (membership)






Mrs Hicks

Salary (February)




Tax/NI (February)



Avon Pension Fund

Contributions (February)



Mr Skidmore

Salary (February)




Tax/NI (February)



Avon Pension Fund

Contributions (February)



Mrs Hicks

Expenses (February)



Mr Skidmore

Expenses (February)




Payment of the above accounts was approved as per the Financial Regulations and cheques prepared by the Clerk were referred to Cllrs Barrett and Olpin for signature.