Minutes of the Finance & Communities Committee Meeting held on 30 July 2020

By ZOOM at 7.30pm









Cllr P Barrett

Mrs V Hicks


Cllr D Clevely

Mr S Skidmore


Cllr J Curran (in the Chair)



Cllr T Olpin (sub for Cllr McNab)



Cllr J Parker



Cllr R Pope



Cllr C Strange



Cllr B West





Received from Cllrs Evans, McNab and Stinchcome MBE.


Declaration of Member Interests

No specific declarations were made.




Minutes of the meeting of Finance & Communities Committee of 27 February 2020 were approved and signed by the Chairman.



Public Participation

There were no members of the public present.



Matters for Discussion

a] Finance Report: The Clerk presented the bank reconciliation to 30 June 2020 and a quarterly outturn report. These reports were noted. It was also noted that the allotment service is due break even, as required, by the end of the next Council.

b] Risk Assessment:

1. Inventory: The Clerk advised that due to the recent change of insurer, a modest revaluation of the inventory had occurred.

2. Catastrophic loss protocols: It was agreed that it is necessary to draw up a policy to cover any catastrophic loss. The Clerk’s role as sole curator of the Council’s affairs makes for a vulnerable scenario. It was resolved to be refer this matter to the Policies & Procedures Committee.

3. Coronavirus - re-opening of facilities: The Clerk advised that all the Parish Council’s facilities have now re-opened following the easing of the lock down. Social distancing and ‘stay alert’ messaging is still being promoted in line with government guidance. The Clerk was asked to review the need for signage. It was noted that use of the basketball court may require further input and the PDS advised that he is working with the Detached Youth Work Team in this regard. He also advised that due to reports of cannabis use at the memorial garden at Payne Green, he has again involved the Detached Youth Work Team.

c] Investment Review: The Clerk advised that the balance of the precept is being invested in the short term. It was agreed to undertake a full review at the next meeting.

d] Climate Action Day: Cllr West advised that he had attended a Climate Action Day on 30 July 2020. He agreed to report in more detail at the next meeting.




a] Avon Pension Fund - McCloud update: Noted.

b] Avon Pension Fund - Investment Strategy Statement (ISS): Noted.

c] CIL award 2019/20 and payments 2020/21: The Clerk was asked to provide further details of the balance of the CIL account to date. She reported that she had been advised by South Gloucs Council that as a result of the Covid crisis, payment of future CIL monies may be delayed.

d] Council Tax Base effect of Covid19: Noted.



Report of Parish Development Specialist

The PDS reported on key projects including:


Cycling & Walking Group

The initiative is beginning to find its feet in relation to community engagement. It has provoked a good breadth of discourse around issues impacting on getting around the parish by foot or by cycle. This has helped the group to focus on specific issues and create an agenda to work as an effective team. We have been making good use of social media to make contact and involve more local people. However, issues of inclusivity are impacting on participation. ZOOM meetings are not accessible to everyone and this has been demonstrated through lack of participants. It is important that we offer a range of means for people to engage and additionally allow them the time and space to do so. It was therefore resolved to explore the adoption of an Accessibility & Inclusion Policy. The Policies & Procedures Committee will oversee this process. It was also resolved to explore local interest amongst neighbouring parishes to reignite the Joint Parishes Forum.


Longwell Green BMX

The PDS is working to build upon the relationship with the Creative Youth Network to undertake effective consultation with young people that access their service and young people they engage with during detached sessions. This covers the areas of Hanham, Longwell Green and Cadbury Heath. To support this, an online survey for young people is underway.


Cadbury Heath Hall

The extension project is at the costing stage and once this has been completed quotes can be sought and a project timescale put in place. This needs to be completed before funding applications can be progressed. There will need to be a clear strategy to deal with local community issues and a needs assessment. However as a result of the Covid crisis it is proving impossible to construct a business case in support of this project and as a result it is likely that this project will be on hold for the time being.


Flux Mentoring

The work of the group had been severely disrupted by the Covid crisis. Following an application to Sport England to continue and build upon the great work that was being delivered at Sir Bernard Lovell School, Sport England has ring-fenced £1650. This is prior to considering the full application. Sport England has also expressed a willingness to involve Flux Mentoring in a project that it is developing. The initial funding will be used to support young people most at risk of being permanently excluded from education and build the group’s capacity to deliver transition support to primary school leavers. Some of this work will also hopefully link in to work with Creative Youth Network and other organisations offering expertise in this area.


Guys & Dolls

Work continues to support the excellent work of Guys & Dolls. The group is working to form a Community Interest Company.


Community Strategy in response to Covid-19

It is not only important to plan for the impact of Covid-19 at a localised level but also to take time to explore opportunities to enhance what we do and how we work with others to improve parishioners’ quality of life. The PDS advised that he is developing this plan and the Committee agreed that this is likely to be a valuable piece of work.

















Meeting ended at 20.35