Minutes of the Finance & Communities Committee Meeting held on 16 January 2020

at Cadbury Heath Hall at 7.30pm









Cllr P Barrett

Mrs V Hicks


Cllr D Clevely



Cllr J Curran (in the Chair)



Cllr A Evans



Cllr J Parker



Cllr R Pope



Cllr C Strange



Cllr B West



The Chairman outlined the procedure in the event of an emergency.




Received from Cllrs Downing CBE and Stinchcome MBE and from Mr Skidmore.



Declaration of Member Interests

No specific declarations were made.




Minutes of the meeting of Finance & Communities Committee of 14 November 2019 were approved and signed by the Chairman.



Public Participation

There were no members of the public present.



Matters for Discussion

a] Finance Report: Noted.

b] Budget 2020/2021: The draft budget prepared by the Clerk (APPENDIX A) was discussed including the following points:

  1. Since most local council costs are staff costs, an increase of at least 2% is needed to stand still.
  2. A decrease sets a bad precedent and a little gradual increase is better than big jumps.
  3. Oldland Parish Council is doing more all the time and this must be properly funded.
  4. The increasing projected council tax base allows a modest increase not to bear too onerously on council tax payers.
  5. It is improper to rely on capital subsidy for revenue spending.

It was therefore resolved to recommend the budget in full to Council with the addition of a 2% contingency item against future eventualities. This contingency was agreed by majority with a minority proposing a contingency figure of 3%.

c] Precept Recommendation: It was resolved to recommend to Council a precept request of £162,106 for 2020/21 being a cost per household of £33.13 for the year (2019/20 cost per household being £32.60).

d] Risk Assessment: No matters were raised under this item of business.

e] Hinton Green – BMX track: The Chairman reported on conversations both he and the Clerk had had with representatives of Majestic Gymnastics who felt that the Parish Council’s reluctance to relocate the BMX track off site had caused the development to fail. Both the Chairman and the Clerk has responded that the failure of the project is as a result of the downturn in the retail sector and the siting of the BMX track was never a material factor in the development. Sympathy was felt for the future of Majestic Gymnastics and it was agreed to offer support as appropriate. It was noted that Cllr Savage is involved in this matter as both ward member for Longwell Green and Leader of South Gloucs Council. It was agreed that this matter will be brought to Council at the next meeting on 21 January 2020.




a] Internal Audit review: The Clerk advised that the internal audit review was booked for 28 January 2020. Preparatory work is being done in preparation of this review.

b] McLoud Judgement – Avon Pension Fund: Noted.



Report of Parish Development Specialist

The Clerk reported that in addition to the projects noted in the minutes of the last meeting, the PDS is now progressing the development plan at Cadbury Heath Hall and working on the relaunch of the BMX track at Hinton Green.

Cllr Parker added that he will be working with the PDS to promote cycling in the parish and is making links with Sustrans to this end.
















Meeting ended at 20.40