Minutes of the Planning, Highways & Environment Committee Meeting held

on 10 October 2019 at Cadbury Heath Hall at 7.30pm









Cllr P Barrett (sub for Cllr G Downing CBE)

Mrs V Hicks


Cllr R Blake



Cllr D Clevely

Allotment Tenant Representative


Cllr H Farmer

Mr I Taylor


Cllr M Farmer



Cllr J Parker (in the Chair)



Cllr B Ryland



The Chairman outlined the procedure in the event of an emergency.




Received from Cllrs Downing, Pope and Stinchcombe MBE.


Declaration of Member Interests

No specific declarations were made.




Minutes of the meeting of 12 September 2019 were approved and signed by the Chairman.


Matters Arising

Advice had been received that the planning application for the additional car park at Willsbridge Mill had been awarded ‘deemed consent’. Great concern was expressed regarding this news and local feeling indicates continued community objection to the plans and in particular disappointment that local ward councillors had failed to ‘call in’ the application. It was resolved to recommend to Council that:

1.       Oldland Parish Council continues to object to this application.

2.       The Clerk ascertains why the application was not ‘called in’.

3.       The Clerk ascertains what ‘deemed consent’ indicates.

4.       The Clerk ascertains what other neighbouring parishes feel about this deemed consent.

5.       The Clerk ascertains what local consultation will take place in respect of the siting of the offset tree planting.

6.       The PDS will not get involved in any funding bids with WMCR for the car park project in light of the Parish Council's continuing objections.

7.       The Clerk was asked to arrange a visit to WMCR to gain a better understanding of the business case for development.



Public Participation

There were no members of the public present.



Matters for Discussion

a] Streetcare updates: Nothing further to report.

b] Highways Issues

1. Woodward Drive pedestrian crossing: Several options had been suggested by the Traffic Engineer - none of which would create the desired pedestrian crossing. However as a compromise, it is suggested that two speeds bumps and a series of tactile pavements would create a safer crossing point. It was resolved, by majority vote, to recommend to Council that this option be pursued. It was agreed to refer this matter back to the local ward councillors for support.

2. Grass verges - California Road: Further complaints had been received from residents regarding the poor state of the verges as a result of parked cars. It was agreed to ask South Gloucs Council, under the ‘Doing More Together’ initiative for a price for grasscreting the verges.

3. Railway Path: Speed of traffic on the railway path had been referred to the Town & Parish Council Forum. Cllr Parker advised that Sustrans is funding a project to address speeds on the railway path out from Bristol City Centre. It was agreed to see if this initiative could be extended.

c] Homebase site: The Clerk updated on the former Homebase site and current development plans. The delay in the scheme had been down to the adoption of a land management plan.

d] Biodiversity Project: The Clerk reported on recent meetings with the Biodiversity Team to action the sites already identified for development as meadow sites or for enhanced tree planting.

e] South Gloucs Council – Tree Planting Winter 2019: Free trees are on offer to community groups. Cadbury Heath Hall has already booked a planting event.

f] Community Speed Watch report: Cllr Parker advised that patrols will resume shortly.

g] Cat Deaths: Cllr Parker reported on recent news stories of suspicious cat deaths in the area. It was agreed to refer this matter to the CEF meeting on 17 October 2019.




a] BMX Park - Longwell Green development plan: The Clerk updated that since the last meeting, a site at the former Grange School had been identified as the only possible alternative site. However, it is still felt that a re-configuration of the current development site is the preferred option and will create a valuable multi use area and a new BMX facility. The Clerk and Cllr Parker are meeting with Cllr Savage, ward councillor and leader of South Gloucs Council on 21 October 2019. At the next meeting of the Committee on 31 October 2019 it is hoped that the Committee can formulate a proposal for Council which will form the basis of an offer to the developer.

b] Longwell Green Waiting Restriction Review: Noted.

c] Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles for Taxis – public consultation: Noted.

d] Buses around Cadbury Heath: Further complaints had been received from residents regarding the number, noise and pollution from buses around the island in Cadbury Heath. It was agreed to raise this with the local ward councillors, South Gloucs Council, First Bus and the Passenger User Group representative.

e] Aspire Race – Railway Path 2020: Noted.

f] Street Trading Licence: Noted.



Allotment Matters

Warmley Golf Course: The Clerk reported that the padlock on the gate had malfunctioned and will be replaced. She also reported that the screening under the willow tree had been installed. Cllr Blake had painted the notice board and requested a further delivery of wood chippings.

Hollyguest Road: The Clerk reported that she had granted the site’s immediate neighbour access to the car park during a period of building work. This will involve clearing the wood chippings. Mr Taylor reported that the weather has ravaged the site and there have been very few bonfires to date.

He advised that the hazel trees in the copse need pruning as they are now overgrowing allotment plots. The Clerk advised that an offer of beehives had been received but that the siting of them had yet to be agreed.



Planning applications


Committee raised no objection to the following applications:


P19/12377/F: Erection of single storey side extension to facilitate garage conversion at 8 Stephens Drive, Barrs Court.

P19/12601/F: Erection of single storey side/rear extension to form additional living accommodation at 85 Ludlow Close, Willsbridge.

P19/12853/F: Erection of a two storey side, single storey side and a single storey rear extension to form additional living accommodation at 39 Elderwood Drive, Longwell Green.

P19/13453/F: Extension to existing of front porch and installation of access ramp to front elevation at 11 Beaumont Close, Longwell Green.

P19/14120/CLE: Continued use of retail floorspace as non-food retail without compliance with Condition 2 attached to planning permission PK06/0854/F at Gallagher Retail Park, Aldermoor Way, Longwell Green.














Meeting ended at 21.20