Minutes of the Finance & Communities Committee Meeting held on 30 May 2019

at Cadbury Heath Hall at 7.30pm









Cllr P Barrett (sub for Cllr Parker)

Mrs V Hicks


Cllr D Clevely



Cllr J Curran (in the Chair)



Cllr G Downing CBE



Cllr A Evans



Cllr M Farmer (non committee)



Cllr R Pope



Cllr C Strange



Cllr B West


The Chairman outlined the procedure in the event of an emergency.




Received from Cllrs Parker and Stinchcombe MBE and from Mr Skidmore.



Election of Chairman

Cllr Curran was duly elected to serve as committee chairman for the forthcoming year.



Declaration of Member Interests

No specific declarations were made.




Minutes of the meeting of Finance & Communities Committee of 11 April 2019 were approved and signed by the Chairman.



Public Participation

There were no members of the public present.



Matters for Discussion

a] Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2019: The Clerk reported that the AGAR had now been submitted for External Audit and the accounts would be on deposit from 17 June 2019 in accordance with the Accounts & Audit Regulations.

b] Internal Audit report: The Clerk reported that a formal apology had been received from the Internal Auditor in respect of the errors in the audit report. The Clerk advised that modified inventory arrangements, as recommended by the Internal Auditor, are being introduced.

c] Updating Bank Mandates: Following the elections on 2 May 2019 it was resolved to update bank mandates as follows:

Co Operative Bank accounts: Downing, Farmer, Olpin and the Clerk plus Clerk as lead contact.

NS&I: Downing, Farmer, Olpin and the Clerk plus Clerk as lead contact.

Monmouthshire Building Society: Curran, Downing and the Clerk plus Clerk as lead contact.

Nationwide Building Society: Barrett, Curran and the Clerk plus Clerk as lead contact.

d] Warmley Forest Skate Park funding update: The Clerk reported that the project is nearing completion with the launch event planned for 9 June 2019. Due to unforeseen circumstances additional tarmac works have been needed and it was resolved that if external funding could not be secured, the parishes would make up the shortfall on a pro rata basis. The maximum sum that Oldland Parish Council might need to contribute would be 2000.




a] CIL update: The Clerk reported that due to the phasing of CIL funding no funds will be paid in 2019/20.



Report of Parish Development Specialist

The PDS had submitted a report on his work to date to date:

  1. Loneliness Project
  2. Cadbury Heath Hall
  3. Warmley Forest Skate Park
  4. Cadbury Heath Nature Play (It was agreed to send a letter of thanks to the volunteer co-ordinator)
  5. OPEN.
















Meeting ended at 20.15