Minutes of the Finance & Communities Committee Meeting held on 11 April 2019

at Cadbury Heath Hall at 7.30pm









Cllr P Barrett (sub for Cllr Hughes)

Mrs V Hicks


Cllr J Curran (in the Chair)

Mr S Skidmore


Cllr G Downing



Cllr D Essery



Cllr J Mitchener



Cllr R Pope



Cllr C Strange



The Chairman outlined the procedure in the event of an emergency.




Received from Cllrs Hardie and Hughes. Cllr Williams was absent.


Declaration of Member Interests

No specific declarations were made.




Minutes of the meeting of Finance & Communities Committee of 3 January 2019 were approved and signed by the Chairman.



Public Participation

There were no members of the public present.



Matters for Discussion

a] Finance Report Accounts for year ended 31 March 2019:The Clerk presented the draft year end accounts. It was resolved to present the accounts and supporting notes for adoption by Council. Following adoption by Council the accounts will be subjected to Internal Audit and External Audit processes.

b] Year end processes: The Clerk advised that all year end processes had now been completed.

c] CIL update: The Clerk advised on the latest CIL position and it was noted that the next instalment of funding is due.




a] Internal Audit Contract 2019-2022: It was resolved to recommend to Council the adoption of the contract for the next three years.

b] Internal Audit Report: The interim report was discussed. It was agreed to correct the factual inaccuracies in the report and to advise the auditor of the action being taken to address the recommendations made:

1. A Risk Management Policy and Health & Safety Schedule are being introduced.

2. A more detailed inventory is being prepared and will presented to the next meeting of the Committee on 30 May 2019.

3 .The ledger recording recommendations were noted and will be actioned as appropriate.



Report of Parish Development Specialist

The PDS reported on his work to date to date:

  1. Loneliness Project work bringing together young, old and those with disabilities, all of whom can experience loneliness. Further detailed work is needed but academic studies are informing good practice. A Youth Research Group may develop from this initiative.
  2. Warmley Forest Skate Park work is now underway but involvement is still needed as regards any funding shortfall and the launch event.
  3. Cadbury Heath Hall extension both the Hall and the Parish Council stand to gain from this initiative as external funding may be available. Consultation is required to ensure all parties are on board.
  4. Support of local groups ongoing community development work.
  5. University consolidation of academic studies.
















Meeting ended at 20.45