Warmley Forest Skatepark

30 November 2017

Warmley Forest Skate Park

The site of the Warmley Forest Skate Park is leased jointly by Bitton, Oldland and Siston Parish Councils.  The original equipment was very well used and, over time, wore out.  The attached photo shows the little that is left.  It is badly in need of a revamp, but this will cost a lot of money.

The 3 parish councils are working together to try to achieve this.  We have approached firms who can design and build a new skate park for us.  We are looking to mould it out of concrete this time around: it is far more durable, harder to damage, easier to repair and therefore longer-lasting plus it is quieter and therefore less obtrusive in the neighbourhood.  We have set up the Warmley Forest Skate Park Group with the intention of applying to grant funders for help with raising the not inconsiderable sum required to pay for the project.


But we need your help!  All grant funders look to see what level of support there is within the community for each project.  If we are to stand any chance of success then we must show both that skaters, bikers, scooters, etc will use it and that the wider community sees it as a valuable facility for its young people (although a good number of users are in the not-so-young-anymore category!).

The Warmley Forest Skate Park Group has called a public meeting on Wednesday 10 January at the Scout 5pm at Hut next to the skate park (in case the weather is bad).  Please come along and support us.  If you are unable to be there in person please email us showing your support to stephen.skidmore@live.co.uk.


Thank you in advance for your help.

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