Carers Support Centre

The Carers Support Centre offers vital support and help for carers of ALL ages.

Carers Support Centre

Tel: 0117 939 2562
Carersline: 0117 965 2200

Registered Charity Number: 1063226 Company Number: 3377199

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The Parish Council has allotments at Warmley Golf Course and at Hollyguest Road, Hanham.

There are currently some vacancies so if you are interested in cultivating an allotment please contact the Clerk.

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Can we help your group?

The Parish Development Specialist is Steve Skidmore.

Steve is employed to support local community groups/organisations, add value to community services and improve the quality of life of parishioners.

Steve has a high level of expertise in:

  • Grant applications, fundraising and organising events
  • Professional guidance for new and existing groups
  • Project management, consultation and research.

For more information call Steve on 0117 967 3941 / 0789 632 6737

or email:

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