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Oldland Parish Council

Grants to Voluntary Bodies

1 October 2020

Each year the Parish Council invites applications from voluntary groups and organisations in the area for financial support.

Applications should detail the aims and objectives of the group and the purpose for which grant support is sought. The applicant must demonstrate that the grant award will benefit the Parish of Oldland and/or its parishioners. There are strict criteria to which a parish council can apply its resources and Oldland Parish Council must be satisfied that the award of a grant will both satisfy a local need and comply with current empowering legislation.

Application forms will be made available in early October and should be completed and returned by 1 November 2020. Applications will not normally be considered outside this period.

Notification of the Council’s decision will be published in January 2021 as part of the annual budget process. Grants will be paid in May 2021.

The Parish Council has limited financial resources but all applications will be considered individually. Ordinarily grants are in the order of £50-£500 but each application is considered on merit. For details of previous awards please see the Parish Council’s published accounts.



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