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Oldland Parish Council

Sports and Leisure

Within Oldland Parish we have an esteemed history in sport and none more so than in football. The two main football clubs, Cadbury Heath and Longwell Green, have many years experience of producing successful local football teams and provided extensive opportunities for people of all ages to participate in a much loved sport. Although both teams compete at high local levels the clubs, that provide an abundance of teams for all age groups, welcome children, young people and adults from all walks of life to give them a chance to enjoy being part of a team. Both clubs also provide extensive opportunities to socialise and help to create a strong sense of community.

Oldland Parish Council manages a Basketball Court at the rear of Longwell Green Community Centre, a skatepark at Warmley Forest Park and a BMX facility at Hinton Green. The Parish Council is very keen to promote active lifestyles and encourage parishioners to make the most of local facilities.

Aspects Leisure Centre in Longwell Green provides very good access to swimming and exercise. This has proved to be very successful addition to the nearby Leisure Complex which offers Bowling, Cinema and restaurants.

Oldland Parish will work to ensure:

  • Existing services and facilities are supported.
  • Opportunities will be explored to deliver further services and facilities.

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