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Oldland Parish Council

Planning and Future Development

The Parish Council wishes to sustain and develop employment, retail and leisure opportunities whilst at the same time ensuring that Oldland Parish is a good place to live.

Oldland Parish will work to ensure:

  • No erosion of greenbelt or public open space.
  • Brown field sites be used in preference to green field sites.
  • Retail/light industrial developments be concentrated in Aldermoor Way area.
  • Awareness of light pollution and take steps to reduce its impact.
  • Awareness of increased flood risks with loss of green sites.
  • Support for small scale residential improvements.
  • Compliance with South Gloucs Council’s car parking standards to minimise the effect upon on-street parking in residential areas.
  • Consideration of traffic and access issues in respect of all development.
  • Maintenance of open plan residential areas and amenity space.
  • Parish Council makes effective use of the Community Infrastructure Levy.