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Oldland Parish Council

Cycling & Walking Initiative

C&W Task Register 120121

Cycling & Walking Task Structure – Dec 2020

C&W Improvement Record

Oldland Parish Council has launched a project to enable more people to cycle and walk, particularly for those shorter local journeys. For this to succeed a safe and inviting cycling/walking network of pathways and routes is required which can be used by everybody in the community.

A Cycling & Walking Steering Group has been set up to oversee and coordinate this initiative. The group comprises members from across the local parish/town areas to ensure a truly ‘cross border’ integrated approach to working together is established.

The benefits of cycling and walking are now widely accepted including the positive effects on health, wellbeing, traffic congestion & pollution. The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and associated movement restrictions & social distancing requirements have further highlighted the importance to introduce enhanced high-quality space for pedestrians and cyclists.

The Government and local authorities, including the West of England Combined Authority, have recently launched campaigns and funding schemes to promote and support cycling & walking. Working with local partners the Steering Group wants to take full advantage of this opportunity to make positive and practical changes to improve the existing cycle/walking network in the area.

To enable people to walk & cycle instead of using their cars will require an improved local cycle/walking network which embodies the following key principles:

Inclusive – so everybody can use it – pedestrians, cyclists, including those with disabilities

Inviting – people will want to use it – it will be pleasant to use

Integrated – it will be a joined-up network with good connectivity and route directions, including links to other areas surrounding Oldland Parish.

Inherently Safe – the network should be designed to the high standards now being advocated by central government, which also effectively set the design requirements for funding to be approved.

To ensure this project fully reflects the views and needs of the whole community, an online consultation exercise was launched to see where people feel improvements are required to make cycling/walking safer, attractive and more convenient, including links between neighbouring areas. This could range from reporting overgrown vegetation to suggesting more major changes to road junctions or crossings.

This consultation uses a community engagement website supplied by Commonplace, which has been successfully used by many other organisations including Bristol City Council and Bath & North East Somerset Council.

Comments can be submitted using the easy-to-use interactive map at

The closing date for comments was 31 December 2020.

Please see attached the final summary report. 

Oldland Parish Active Travel Online Consultation Summary – SG 12 Jan 2021

For anyone who is not online or unable to access the consultation please contact either Steve Skidmore on 0789 632 6737, Cllr Jon Parker on 0750 484 1569 or Victoria Hicks on 0117 961 5021

If you wish to become involved in the project please contact the Oldland Parish Council Clerk or simply join one of the future Steering Group meetings (at present being held by Zoom) – details of future meetings can be found below



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