Parish Council Amenities


The Parish Council operates an allotment site of 70 plots at Hollyguest Road in Hanham. The site is very popular and provides parishioners with the opportunity to grow produce and enjoy the great outdoors.

Warmley Golf Course

South Gloucs Council has re-defined its use of Warmley Golf Course and part of the site is being leased to the Parish Council to develop as an allotment garden. Also as part of this project the Parish Council is working alongside South Gloucs Council in developing a skatepark on the site, public open space with a part of the site being retained as a golf course.

Hinton Green

The Parish Council maintains and operates a very popular BMX facility at Hinton Green. This site is in Aldermoor Way and is at the rear of the industrial units. This facility is open to all local young people to use and enjoy.

Warmley Forest Skatepark

Oldland Parish Council (working in partnership with Bitton and Siston Parish Councils) maintains and operates a skatepark facility at Warmley Forest Park. The skatepark is over ten years old and is currently undergoing refurbishment to provide a high quality state of the art facility for young people to enjoy. To ensure that the new skatepark meets the aspirations of young people and
working party has been set up by local young people to advise on design, layout and assist in fundraising.

Longwell Green Basketball Court

In 2000 a basketball court was installed at the rear of Longwell Green Community Centre. This facility continues to be popular and is well used.

Payne Green

Payne Green is located at the junction of Craven Way and Stoneleigh Drive. It is a small piece of Common Land and is such is protected from development and acts at the ‘village green’ for the parish. Later in 2013 its role will be extended as it is used as a Garden of Remembrance during the annual Poppy Appeal.

Oldland Parish Council will:

  • Continue to work to develop these facilities for the benefit of parishioners.
  • Explore new opportunities that arise under the Localism Act 2011.
  • Explore funding options for all facilities to reduce the impact upon the Council Tax levy.