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Oldland Parish Council

Community Centres

Oldland Parish has a range of community facilities offering a diversity of activities and opportunities for venue hire.

Cadbury Heath Hall, situated in School Road, Cadbury Heath has recently undergone a complete refurbishment. The enhancements make the facility more user friendly and more accessible. Improvements have been made to the main hall to resolve problems with the acoustics and create a new stage. As well as increasing storage and installing new disabled toilets, the building has been completely redecorated. Cadbury Heath Hall serves the local community very well providing for all age group for families and community groups
needing space to meet and socialise.

Longwell Green Community Centre in Shellards Road is the largest of our community facilities serving the community. The Community Centre provides access to a very diverse range of activities. This includes pre-school provision, dance and music, arts and crafts, sports and fitness and many social groups. Members are also serviced with a bar facilities which also serves Longwell Green Sports Football Club that has an extensive range of teams for all age groups.

Warmley Clock Tower in Tower Road North has historically provided a diverse range of social activities for local people. Activities include Pilates, Fitness
Training, Yoga, Flower arranging and a Weaving Group. Warmley Clock Tower, which is managed by Warmley Clock Tower Association, is pro-actively engaged with the broader community through involvement with community networks and works in partnership with other local organisations to develop supportive services and advocates for local families.

Oldland Parish Council will:

  • Provide ongoing support for the Trustees of the Community Centres through investing funds and assisting with securing external funding.
  • Actively promote the successes and activities of the Community Centres and encourage community involvement.