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Oldland Parish Council

Activities for Children and Young People

Our children and young people have a diversity of activities to choose from either within or just outside of the parish. Whatever their interest such as music, dance, drama, creative arts or sports much can be accessed at local community centres, churches or through extended activities at school. In addition children and young people can access uniformed groups such as Rainbows, Cubs, Brownies, Scouts, Girl Guides or Cadets. There are many opportunities which Oldland Parish Council is very keen to support.

Oldland Parish Council is keen to promote local provision and encourage children and young people’s engagement in positive activities.

To support our aims the Parish Council is conducting a mapping exercise to identify all types of provision on offer and consult with children and young people regarding their interests. This will help the Parish Council to decide where best to direct resources in the longer term and to ensure that positive activities for children and young people are readily accessible.

Oldland Parish Council will:

  • Work in close partnership with all local organisations and groups providing positive activities to build upon existing provision and to encourage collaboration.
  • Explore opportunities during 2013 for sustaining long term provision for young people.