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Oldland Parish Council

Health Services

Oldland Parish is well serviced by Health Centres and doctors surgeries providing a very broad range of health and well being services.

Cadbury Heath Health Centre situated in Parkwall Road, Cadbury Heath is comprised of two practices: the Park and the Oaks. The practices cater for diverse health needs and have an ethos of building strong relationships with people and the local community. They both actively engage with local community networks and partnerships to encourage community participation.

Hanham Health situated in High Street, Oldland and Whittucks Road, Hanham caters for many parishioners. Although a diverse range of services are provided, parishioners from some parts of the parish, without their own transport, can experience difficulties getting to appointments in Whittucks Road.

Close Farm Surgery situated in Victoria Road, North Common as above, offers high quality healthcare through providing a broad range of local health services.

Being well serviced by good healthcare locally enables parishioners to have good choice in relating to selecting how and where to best meet their health needs. The recent re-opening of Cossham Hospital provides local service delivery to reduce the need to travel to Southmead Hospital for routine appointments.

Oldland Parish will work to ensure:

  • Good local delivery of health services.
  • Improved public transport to services further afield.