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Oldland Parish Council

Friends Groups

In Oldland Parish we have several active friends groups that provide volunteering opportunities for local people to get involved with caring for the community.

The friends groups are mainly involved in environmental and conservation work. For example the Friends of Barrs Court Moat care for the historic 14th Century Moat that partly surrounds the park and field on Stephens Drive. This can be found between the Barrs Court Public House and Barrs Court Primary School. The Friends Group organises several working parties each year to help maintain the Moat, preserve its heritage and so that it can be enjoyed by the many people that visit the park.

Similarly the Friends of Cock Road Ridge work to conserve the natural environment and nature that inhabits the Ridge that backs on to Cock Road and overlooks the parish across the Ring Road. Other friends groups include the Friends of Grimsbury Farm which now operates a cafe in Grimsbury Farm as well as organising a wide range of social events.

At Willsbridge Mill the Avon Wildlife Trust supports the work of the Friends of Willsbridge Mill that meet on a weekly basis to undertake conservation work to support the upkeep of the Mill and Willsbridge Valley.

Oldland Parish will work to support Friends Groups