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Oldland Parish Council


Having been established in 1894 as a first tier of Local Government, Oldland Parish Council is steeped in history. The Parish Council has been at the heart of the community, representing the best interests of parishioners, for many generations. This Parish Plan will help to ensure that the Parish Council continues to work along these lines and continues to maintain strong links with parishioners.

Oldland is mentioned in the Doomesday Book of 1086. The central area of Oldland was located in the California Road area of Longwell Green. Hence due to allocation of Common Land and parish boundaries, the Oldland more familiar to parishioners is not actually situated within the Parish of Oldland. Although there has been much confusion regarding the area of Oldland and Oldland Parish, which the Council have often debated, due to the well establish history, the Council has chosen to retain the name of Oldland Parish. At the time of 1086 there were a total of nine households, comprising of one villager, six smallholders and two slaves. The area of Oldland was valued at just £1.

As more power is devolved to a local level under the Localism Act 2011, new opportunities are beginning to emerge, for example the opportunity for the transfer of Local Authority land and assets such as Warmley Golf Course. This may also include opportunities to play a bigger role in providing services for young people and getting more involved in decisions around future planning and development.

To help ensure we continue to keep on track we have created a brief community profile. This outlines the extent of services on offer within the parish and outlines our aspirations of continuing to support services in the future.

With a population of over 14,000 and with 6,500 household Oldland Parish is one of the largest parishes in South Gloucestershire. Oldland Parish Council has been created by statute and has statutory duties and responsibilities. This places a high level of responsibility on the Parish Council to ensure that views expressed by parishioners are represented by the Parish Council through locally elected parish councillors. Please visit the Contact Us page to view a list of Parish Councillors.

You can download a copy of the Parish Plan here.